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Web Development

I build from start to finish, creating maintainable and scalable websites. I've worked with many different codebases, so I can also quickly find my way in existing projects.


Working with the client, I create designs that look pretty and achieve their purpose.


I consult companies on topics ranging from tech to business. I am particularly invested in startups.

Computer Vision

I've worked with computer vision during many different projects, including my thesis, and can build various applications using computer vision and image processing techniques.

Responsive design

Websites on every screen.

Full stack

Every step of the way.


The best PHP framework.


WordPress sucks, but I can do it.

Adobe CC

My go to design tools.


Facebook's JS library.


The progressive JS framework.


I love startups.


Get the exposure you deserve.

Work & experience

My blog

On my blog, I write about whatever topics I find interesting. Most of the stuff is tech- or startup-related.

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“A true gem! Wouter is one of the few developers I've worked with that can read my mind. Even without a design-phase in between wireframing and development, he managed to fill in the blanks autonomously and to my great satisfaction. That's rare!”
“Wouter is an experienced developer with an entrepreneurial mindset. We hired him to help us rapidly prototype a new application, and we're very happy with the result. Aside from the fact that he delivers, he's also a great guy to have on the team. Definitely recommended!”
- Marja Silvertant, CEO, Feli
“I worked with Wouter as his supervisor at ProRail where he completed his internship and master thesis on computer vision. He did a great job on the technical part, but I was even more impressed by how professionally he executed his internship. At times I forgot he was still a student and not yet an experienced professional. Speaking of profession: I am not sure if he is an engineer or an entrepreneur. It is difficult to choose, he seems to excel in both.”
- Dirk Wouters, Innovation Manager, ProRail

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